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Frequently Asked Questions

Customer Support FAQs

The OnDemand team is focused on updating the user experience to improve the overall usefulness of the product for customers. Customer feedback informed the approach to improving the product experience. The new platform updates are intended to make the product easier to use and more accessible from any mobile device, so that customers can access meeting lectures easily, any time and any place. The redesigned interface will be more intuitive, and improved search and filtering will help customers find lecture content efficiently.  

No, if you are a returning OnDemand user your username will not change. You should continue to use the same username you used to log-in to the older version of the product. 

The password policy for the platform has been updated to ensure the security of your account and account information. The new password requirements are industry standard to protect your account from unauthorized access and safeguard customer information.  

Your new password should contain the following: 

  • At least 12 characters 
  • At least one upper case letter 
  • At least one lower case letter 
  • Include at least one number  
  • Include at least one symbol 

Yes, your access to active products remains unchanged. You will continue to have access to the meetings you purchased for up to 24 months from the date of the meeting 

You can continue to complete CME activities and claim CME for any products with active CME. The process of completing CME for your meeting products is unchanged and the specific CME Info details for your meeting product should be referenced to understand the CME program specifics for a particular meeting, including the method of participation and the credit claiming process, which varies by medical society. The actual process for completing a test or evaluation, claiming credit, and creating a certificate is not updated as a part of this release. 

In the updated platform, the bookmark feature has been renamed and is now favorites. Favorites continue to function in the same way that bookmarks did in the former version of the product. You can favorite a presentation from multiple locations within the product, on either your desktop computer or your mobile device. Favorites now appear within the “My Activity” section of the platform. You can manage favorites at any point, by “unfavoriting” a lecture. This action will remove a favorite from your list of favorites in the “My Activity” section of the platform. 

If you created bookmarks in the former version of the product, you will now see your bookmarks saved as favorites in the “My Activity” section of the platform. 

Your viewing history in the former version of the product will also be saved and accessible in the updated platform in the “My Activity” section of the platform, within the “Recently Viewed” category. 

Yes, your CME certificate for activities completed so far will continue to be available. The process for completing activities and claiming credit or creating certificates is unchanged in the updated platform. Your certificates will be available in the new interface, and will continue to include record of the CME activities you completed and credit claimed in the old platform. Note that this only applies to meetings with active CME at this time 

If you successfully logged in and do not see the meetings you should have access to, please contact our customer support team for assistance. Customer support can be reached by email at [email protected] or by phone at (800) 501-2303 from 9am – 8pm EST. 

The platform user experience and interface has been updated throughout to make it easier to use, more intuitive to use, and help customers find the lectures they want to view quickly. The features include:

  • A new session catalog view that allows customers to browse, search, filter, and sort presentations. 
  • Search is moved to a prominent location on the session catalog page, for quick access to search by presentation title, topic or track, meeting date, or presenter name. 
  • A new filter feature will allow customers to narrow down the session catalog when browsing or to refine search results.  
  • A new sort feature organizes the session catalog by any of the available sort options for a particular category, for example, customers can sort by presenter name A-Z or Z-A. 
  • Bookmarks have been renamed as Favorites. 
  • The My Activity section of the platform is new and includes all customer generated activity including favorites and a list of recently viewed presentations. 
  • Lectures will now play in a new page with an updated design. 
  • New presentation thumbnails display all presentations within a particular session, for quick access to additional presentations in a session. 
  • For CME eligible sessions, CME information for that session now displays beneath the presentation that is playing, for quick reference and easy access to CME information and tests. 

No, the offline version of the product accessible from a USB drive or hard drive is unchanged and will not be impacted by this updated platform release. 

The new platform features an entirely “responsive website, which means that you can use the OnDemand website on any device that has an internet connection. The website will optimize automatically to the screen size of your device, for optimal use. All of the features available on a desktop computer will also be available when using the platform on a mobile device. 

In Player FAQs

On the home page, you can browse content by the meeting schedule, session, presenter, and topic or track for select meetings or use the search box to enter in a title, partial title, topic, presenter name or CME to identify the session you want to view.   

For a session that includes a single full length video inclusive of all presentations, select the session title or click on the thumbnail image of the video to launch the session content, which will load on a new page.  

Some sessions are divided into individual videos for each presentation. To view a session and the presentations available in that session, search as described above for the session and either expand the list of presentations to view complete details, or, if viewing the catalog in “grid” view or on your mobile device, select the “Learn More” text to view presentation details. Once you have identified the presentation you want to view, click on the title or thumbnail to launch the video. 

Please note: Portions of some live sessions may not be available on demand due to copyright permissions.

Yes, if you have begun watching a presentation, the player will automatically start at the place you stopped regardless of what device you are on.  In other words, if you start watching a presentation on your work computer, you can immediately start playing at the place you stopped watching on your tablet or phone.  To see a list of presentations that you have recently watched, navigate to the My Activity page and see the Recently Viewed category. 

You may have up to three places that control the volume.  Within the video window (place your mouse over the video window and there is a volume control on the bottom right), on your computer and on your speakers if you have external speakers. 

Neither the presentation slides, nor the videos can be downloaded. Presenters typically prefer to not have their presentations be downloadable. You can however download MP3s of the audio only when you are logged into the online version.

The OnDemand platform requires an internet connection to access products and watch presentations.  

For select meetings, a USB drive or hard drive may be available to add on to your OnDemand online product at the time of purchase. This drive will be sent to you by mail after the live meeting.  The portable drive contains the same presentations as the online version, available for offline viewing which means you do not need an internet connection to watch the presentations.  

Please note:  While the same presentations are available on the drive, certain functionality is not available on the drive including Search, Favorites, Recently Viewed, CME Testing, credit claiming and certification creation. To access these features you must use the online version of your product. 

The OnDemand platform is designed for use on most mobile devices.  Simply log-in at https://fmx.ondemand.org/login/ on your mobile device.    

You must be online to stream sessions on your mobile device.  Sessions cannot be downloaded to your mobile device.  Most sessions should work via your data plan (4G/5G) or WiFi, however the quality will depend on the bandwidth available at any given location and time. 

Please note: Testing is not available on your mobile device. 

Sessions will be available online for two years from the date of FMX On Demand. 

We can only publish presentations with speaker permission, which can change at any time.  We do our best to keep the content list up-to-date; however printed materials may not reflect the most accurate content listing if a speaker has requested their presentation not be published after the content list was printed. 

To identify sessions that are CME eligible, you will see a “CME” icon in the session details on the session catalog page for any accredited session content. 

To search for or filter to see only CME eligible sessions, you can either type “CME” into the search box which will return a list of all available CME eligible sessions or to filter, select “Filter”, check the box next to “CME Eligible”, and then select SAVE to display only CME eligible sessions.   

Yes, credit can be claimed for selected sessions. To claim credit for a session, review the disclosure that automatically displays before you watch the presentation. The complete session CME Information displays on the page beneath the video, for your review at any time. 

After watching all presentations in a session, click on the Take Test button below the video to take the post-test and/or evaluation survey.  You must be online and logged into the online version of the product to take the post-test.  You must score 100% on the post-test, but you will have the opportunity to re-take questions that you missed until you score 100%.   Once you have completed the post-test and survey, you will be able to generate a certificate.  The certificate will include all credits claimed in the calendar year. 

Please note: Testing is not available on your mobile device. 

Yes.  Click on the Certificate button on the top right of the player.  If you have successfully passed at least one test, a Certificate link will appear.  You can print the certificate as many times as you would like and it can also be downloaded and saved to your computer. 

Credit is available for physicians.

CME credit can be claimed until September 20, 2024.

You can contact [email protected] or call us at 818-844-3299 (Toll Free 800-501-2303).  Support Hours of Operation are 6:00 AM – 5:00 PM PST. 

Features of AAFP On Demand

Earn CME credits—on your time and terms.

Easily find clinical information you need with advanced search and filter features.

Download presentations in MP3 audio files or PDF’s – and take the learning offline.